George Bush Shouldn't Be Reelected

George Bush should not be reelected because he's either a liar or incompetent.

Let me say that I supported Bush based on what I read and heard about Iraq's weapons prior to the war.  And there's no doubt that Iraq is much better off now. The rest of the intolerant, repressive Middle Eastern governments are thinking hard about what we did to Iraq and that's good.

From what I've been reading Bush is not really a liar. I don't believe he purposely told lies about Iraq's weapons programs. I'm not sure he's smart enough or bold enough to think he could get away with lying. What may have happened was intelligence analysts fed Bush the information they though he wanted to see about Iraq's weapons.

Most people know that to keep your job you have to please the boss. But if Bush is not a liar, that makes him incompetent. Even if the President isn't smart he should be able to surround himself with smart people. If he employs yes men who only give him what he wants to see and hear, that makes him not smart but incompetent.

Incompetence is not a qualification to be reelected.