Exciting Start to the F1 Racing Season

The Ferraris were dominant but that's to be expected. I think Michael Schumacher got a scare last year when the championship looked to be in doubt. They used the off-season to test and build in reliability. How long can Ferrari dominate? How long will Michael Schumacher race?

The poor performance of McLaren was surprising. Especially the engine failure due to water pump problems. They knew the rules mandated reliable engines this year. I think they were the only team to have an engine failure. I expect them to get back on track soon.

We know Montoya will be leaving Williams after this year. Rumor has Ralf Schumacher going to Renault next year. So Williams will be looking for two new drivers. I think Williams still suffers from internal conflict between BMW and Frank Williams. The BMW engine is strong and Frank Williams sees no fault with the chassis.

Until the conflict is resolved that team will fail to unseat the Ferraris.  It was encouraging to see the BAR team do well. Jensen Button continues to improve. I would also like to see the Toyota team improve this year. With all their resources they really should be doing better. It was a shame to see Mark Webber out so early in front of his home crowd. Renault looks to be building on the success of last year I think this is the year that Renault runs with the top teams.