Paul Tracy is No Champion

Champ Car series leader Paul Tracy didn't do well at the race.

He was having a tough time with the street circuit in Miami. It was narrow and twisty and didn't suit his setup or driving style. He crashed during practice. He didn't seem happy or enthusiastic about the race. We have a number of pictures of him with a real sour look on his face.

I was talking to Charlotte about this last night. Here's the problem I have with Paul Tracy:

Because he was having difficulties during the race weekend, he seemed to just give up. He complained about the circuit, the car, and the weather. It looked like he crashed into Sebastian Bourdais during the race for no good reason.

I think Tracy figured he couldn't catch Junqueira so he wasn't going to let Bourdais pass him and finish with more points.

Tracy acted like a child because he failed to make the best of a difficult race weekend and he gave up on the race before it began. Tracy is a quitter. A quitter doesn't deserve to be champion.