Is the News Really Worth It?

I've just finished a monumental struggle to get my web log on my web site's home page. Well, not so monumental, but a struggle nonetheless.

I had to reformat the page and swap the navigation from the right to the left (where it should have been all along). I had to get the archives straightened out. Make sure the Blogger link remains! I just installed a slick comments system, Snorcomments V2.0.

After every step my news headlines from Moreover.com would mysteriously disappear. I had not altered the code in any way, but poof! Gone. Sometimes the headlines would just mysteriously re-appear.

After installing the comments system, the headlines seem to be gone for good. I'm tempted to just remove them altogether. I just think it's pretty cool to have the latest news on the front page of my web site. And to have them for free, well, it's just the American Way.

I'll make one last attempt at restoring my news headlines. If I can't get them to work. They will be evicted!