War Without End

Where have Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Lois Farrakhan been these past few days?

What struck me last night, watching the president's speech, was the call to war. At no time did the president say when the war would end. The first thing I thought was: Are we forgetting the other war without end, Vietnam?

I'm foursquare behind the president in his call for military action. However, a war whose only goal is to "win" leaves out a key component. What do we mean by "win"? When will the war be over?

One phrase often repeated during the Gulf War was, "We have learned the lessons of Vietnam." Meaning we set a distinct goal and timetable for the war, we fight it, we achieve the goal, then we go home. That's how the Gulf war was prosecuted. Some complain about not removing Saddam Hussein, but that was not part of the UN resolution.

I'm afraid we will call an end to the war on terrorism and then get a false sense of security or the war on terrorism will still have to be waged 100 years from now.

I'm normally a peaceful guy, but this war has to be fought. If not, the next terrorist attack will be with nuclear weapons.